N. A. Noel Premiere Quilt Show

N. A. Noel The SanctuaryThe Premiere Quilt Show has vintage and contemporary quilts on display August 3-28, 2010.  The event is being held at The Sanctuary, a 100 year old Victorian church located in the village of Zionsville, Indiana.  It is located on North Main Street and is open Tues-Sat 10am - 5pm.  The featured artist is Nancy Noel, who owns and displays her art at The Sanctuary.  Nancy describes herself as a contemporary impressionist artist and her work is known around the world.  Daily gallery tours are being held, along with weekly raffles.  N.A. Noel has several quilt inspired images on display during the quilt show.  Several of the vintage quilts on display are more than 100 years old, and were created during the Civil War era.    On August 14, there is a hand quilting demonstration and on August 7 & 14th,  Xenia Cord will give her insight into your old quilts during the Quilt History & Discovery Days during the event.  In addition to the Quilt Show at The Sanctuary, be sure to visit the Sullivan Munce Museum Quilt Show while you are in Zionsville.  Below are a few photographs of  art and quilts on display.  It's a must see for quilting enthusiasts, but anyone can enjoy the day looking at art, quilts and don't miss the opportunity for lunch at The Sanctuary and sample some of the best desserts created by chocolatier, Ghyslain.



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