"Indiana Impressions The Art of T.C. Steele 2016"

The State of Indiana is celebrating 200 years as a State with many events and celebrations during 2016. From April 29th to July 9th the Indiana History Center exhibited 43 paintings from Hoosier Group artist Theodore Clement Steele 1847 to 1926. The show was one of the best shows in recent years dedicated to his art and influence on landscape painting in the late 19th and early 20th century. Steele is the most well know Hoosier Group Artist and the most famous of the early painters. The organizers did a fantastic job coordinating, displaying and gathering the works of art. Many of the 43 paintings on display had never been seen by the public and all were on loan from private collections. In addition to the exhibition, a special edition of "The House of the Singing Winds" was released in april by IHS press. The book includes a new essay on the life of steele's second wife Selma, written by well known author of Indiana art, Rachel Berenson Perry. The book also includes 75 full color photographs of Steele's paintings.



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