2015 Annual Hoosier Salon 91st Exhibition

The 91st annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition at the Indiana History Center in Indianapolis opened on July 30th 2015 with a wide variety of subject matter and media. As always, the Hoosier Salon show is well organized and anyone who is interested in quality art should try to attend the show each year. This years judges were Qiang Huang and Randall Sexton, who had the difficult task of determining which artist would be juried into this years show.   Alan Larkin won Best of Show for his  46" x 44" oil painting titled "Alarms and Diversions" receiving $3500 in prize money.  Jerry Smith won Best Landscape for his 38" x 38" oil painting titled "Autumn Canopy" taking home $1000 in prize money. Outstanding Scene went to the Bloomfield Indiana artist Wyatt LeGrand for his 30" x 42" oil painting titled "Accumulate" receiving $500. The $1,000 prize for Best Figural Composition went to Lawrence Rudolech for a 31" x 31" painting titled "Remember". Best Three Dimensional Work was awarded to Mic Mead for a mixed media table titled "This Ash Lives"  along with $1,000 in prize money. 


Additional Artist Awards

JURORS’ PRIZE OF DISTINCTION - award of $2,000 went to  C.W. Mundy for “Brass & Pomegranates” oil, 39” x 39”
JURORS’ AWARD OF RECOGNITION for $1,500 went to Fred Doloresco, Morning, Warehouse oil, 36” x 48” ($5,200)
BEST PORTRAIT – award of $1,000 went to John Reynolds for “The Artist”, oil, 18” x 18” ($2,400)
BEST SCENE – award of $1,000 went to Robert Bratton, “Gasworks, watercolor, 38” x 23”
BEST NON-OBJECTIVE COMPOSITION – award of $1,000,went to Diane Lehman, “Dancing”, oil, 35” x 25”
BEST WATER MEDIA – award of $1,000 went to Anna Roberts, “Parked Plymouth”, watercolor, 30” x 28”
BEST OIL PAINTING – award of $1,000 went to  C.W. Mundy, “California Coast at Pt. Lobos”, oil, 46” x 46”
BEST WORK ON PAPER – award of $1,000 went to Katherine Whipple, “Filip chalk”, 23” x 19”
OUTSTANDING FIGURAL COMPOSITION – award of $500  went to Cheeri Dennis, “Watching Those Below” oil, 21” x 25”
OUTSTANDING LANDSCAPE – award of $500 went to Patricia Rhoden-Bartels, “Winter”, Infused with Light, oil, 34” x 36”
OUTSTANDING NON-OBJECTIVE COMPOSITION – award of $500 went to April Willy, “Just Now”, oil, 30” x 40”
OUTSTANDING WORK ON PAPER –award of $500went to Bruce Neckar, “Tribute”, oil medium, 30” x 26”
OUTSTANDING WATER MEDIA – award of $500went to Deb Ward, “Luscious”, watercolor, 36” x 28”
OUTSTANDING OIL PAINTING – award of $500went to Forrest Formsma, “The Garden Gate”, oil, 34” x 40”
OUTSTANDING THREE DIMENSIONAL WORK – award of $500 went to Clare Hollett, P.T.S.D. mixed media, 11” x 10”
OUTSTANDING STILL LIFE – award of $500 went to David Riedel, “Vase & Flowers” oil, 30” x 32”
OUTSTANDING CERAMIC – award of $500went to Randal Gunyon, “Horsehair Evolution” Trio ceramic, 20” x 20”
AWARD FOR WATER MEDIA – award of $300went to Cathy Hillegas, “Autumn Light” watercolor, 24” x 29”
AWARD FOR PORTRAITURE – award of $300 went to Margaret (Peg) Copenhaver, “Cameron Lee”, oil, 22” x 19” ($700)
AWARD FOR LANDSCAPE – award of $300 went to Roy Boswell, “Tranquility Reigns”, oil, 17” x 41”
AWARD FOR SCENE – award of $300 went to Matthew Katz, “Buckle Up”, oil, 21” x 25”
AWARD FOR STILL LIFE – award of $300 went to Dan Annarino, “Being”, oil, 20” x 24”
AWARD FOR STILL LIFE – award of $300 went to Barbara Peterson, “Equilibrium”’ oil, 26” x 32”
AWARD FOR NON OBJECTIVE COMPOSITION – award of $300went to Bruce Moore, “Flamingo Bay”, watercolor, 34” x 28”
AWARD FOR FIRST TIME EXHIBITOR – award of $300 went to Rob Proctor, “Millennium Reflections”, oil, 30” x 36”


Artists Juried Into the Hoosier Salon Arts Show (not mentioned above)

William Blahunka Kathy Blankenheim Andrea Bojrab William Borden Roy Boswell 
Charlene M. Brown Luke Buck Ken Bucklew  Dan Bulleit Ron Burgess
Mark Burkett JoAnne Burkhard J.A. Burst Susan Byerley Wayne E. Campbell
John Michael Carter Michael Chelich Mary Ann Davis Steve Dodge  Fred Doloresco 
Lynn Dunbar Robert Eberle W. David Fields Forrest Formsma Beth Forst
Suzy Friedman Jodie Friend Don Geyra Gerrie Govert Tim Greatbatch
Mary Gretsinger Randall Scott Harden Alice Harpel Tricia Hillenburg Thomas A. Himsel
Bill Inman Brian C. Johnson Troy Kilgore Jeff Klinker Joel Knapp
Gene LaRue  Wyatt LeGrand  Judith S. Lewis   Diane Lyon  Ronald Mack 
Jeanne McLeish C. W. Mundy Bruce Neckar Chris Newlund James Oblack
Dale Popdovich Todd Reifers John Reynolds Patricia Rhoden Bartels Thom Robinson 
Lawrence Rudolech Douglas Runyan Linda Sage Beth Clary Schwier David M. Seward
Donna Shortt Jerry Smith Hattie Stanton Carol Strock Wasson Wayne Waldron
Katie G. Whipple Susi Williams Marilyn Witt Dan Woodson Tom Woodson
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