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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices January 27th 2013

 January 27th 2013 - The Jackson auction in Indianapolis In. opened with two Hoosier Group artists who studied together in the early 1800’s at the Royal Academy in Munich Germany.  John Ottis Adams (1851 to 1927) and fellow artist Theodore C. Steele (1847 – 1926) were part of  a group of well known Indiana Impressionist painters that worked in the late and early 19th century. The Hoosier Group consisted of five artists; the remaining three were Richard Gruelle, William Forsyth and Otto Stark. The group first received their name in 1894 by Chicago art critic Hamlin Garland during an exhibition at the Denison Hotel in Indianapolis Indiana. Garland named them the Hoosier Group and sponsored the same show in Chicago.  In addition to being members of the Hoosier Group John Adams, William Forsyth and Steele joined with other regional artists to form the Society of Western Artists.

John Ottis Adams BrookvilleThe Adams painting up for auction appeared to be painted around the Brookville Indiana area where Adams and T.C. Steele purchased a house in 1898, later known as the Hermitage. The painting measured 26 x 32 was an O/C and Signed Lower Right.  With an auction estimate of $30,000 to $50,000 and a lot of interest among buyers the final price reached the low end of $30,000. Perhaps because the painting had been repaired due to what appeared to be a small puncture in the sky.  The T. C. Steele landscape painting of Cattle grazing in a valley reached the high end of its $25,000 to $35,000 estimate; selling at $35,000. Measuring 30 x 45 and signed lower right 1914 the painting was another nice Steele that has come up for auction in the last year. 

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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices September 9th 2012

T.C . Steele - House of the Singing WindsSeptember 9th 2012 – Bidding was brisk for the Theodore Clement Steele (1847 – 1926) painting that opened the Jackson auction in Indianapolis In.    T. C. Steele and his wife Selma Neubacher Steele purchased 211 acres in Brown County Indiana in 1907, constructing a house they subsequently named “The House of the Singing Winds” The 20x24 oil on canvas, SLR depicted Steele’s House reached and final bid of $50,000.

Genevieve Goth GrafRarely up for auction were two very nice Genevieve Goth Graf (1890 – 1961) floral still life’s.  Genevieve, the sister of Marie Goth and wife of Carl Graf studied at the John Heron Institute in Indianapolis, In. and was a member of the Brown County Art Gallery from 1935 to 1954. Both paintings were oil on board, signed lower right and measured 20x24, receiving a final bid of $2,500 and $1250. 


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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices March 25th 2012

Ada W. Shulz -"My Garden"March 25th 2012 – The March Art auction was held at Jackson’s new location at Arch at Chatham in downtown at Indianapolis, In. and just one block south of Massachusetts Ave.  There was an exceptional painting by Ada W. Shulz (1874 to 1954) that was the highlight of the afternoon. The painting was a 14x16 oil on canvas titled “My Garden”, signed lower left and sold at the mid-point pre-auction estimate for  $75,000.  A second Ada Shulz oil painting was very nice as well, measuring 20x24 and signed lower right received a final bid of $12,500.

Four of the five Hoosier Group artists were represented at the auction with six William Forsyth (1854–1935) paintings available to collectors. William was a student at the Indiana School of Art in Indianapolis In. and went to the Munich Academy in 1882 with T. C Steel and John Ottis Adams. He also contributed to the founding of the Herron School of art. The first Forsyth oil painting measured 24x32 SLR 09 and sold at the low end of the pre-sale estimate of $20,000 - $40,000 at $23,000. A self portrait SLR measuring 24x18 SLR went to a bidder for $7,000, and a Forsyth water color measuring 10x14 SLR 1929 brought a final bid of $700. An Indiana art auction is not an auction unless there is a Theodore Clement  Steele (1847 to 1926) painting for sale.  Purchased by the highest bidder for $17,500, the Steele oil painting measured 22x32 and was signed lower right ’09. The third member of the Hoosier Group was the self taught artist Richard Buckner Gruelle (1851 to 1914), with a very nice watercolor SLL 95 and measuring 14x20, sold to a collector for $2,500. Rounding out the final four artists was a 10x5 watercolor SLL 81 by Otto Stark selling for $1,400.

A rare Adam Emory Albright (1854–1935) oil painting titled “Wall Flowers”

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