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Jackson’s Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices January 25th, 2015

A painting by Maude Kaufman Eggemeyer (1/09/1877 to 12/1/1959) was the top seller in the first Jackson art auction of 2015. Maude was born in Richmond Indiana and studied under the well known Richmond Group artist John Elwood Bundy while at Earlham Cottage. She was the first women to receive a scholarship to the Cincinnati Art Academy in 1904 where she was taught by Frank Duveneck and Lewis Henry Meakin. Maude and her husband lived in Richmond Indiana in a house designed by her architect father.  After the suicide death of her husband she stopped painting and went to live with her sister in Asheville, North Carolina. The Oil on Canvas painting measured 16" x 19", signed lower left reached a final bid of $11,000 with an auction estimate of $15,000 - $25,000.

Born 1883 Wayman Adams grew up on a farm in Albany Indiana with his amateur artist father. With no formal education past grade school he eventually enrolled in the John Herron Art Institute studying under the well know Hoosier Artist William Forsythe. In 1910 Wayman went to Florence, Italy with William M. Chase in 1910 and later to Madrid with Robert Henri in 1912. While in Italy he met Margaret Graham Burroughs who became his wife in 1918.  Adams became a respected portrait artist. The oil on canvas painting titled "The Defender" measured 79" x 31" and signed lower right, it went to the highest bidder at $4,500.

Several paintings by orchardist and artist Dale Philip Bessire (5/14/1892 to 1/5/1974) was offered to collectors of his work. Dale was born in Columbus Ohio but studied art at Shortridge High School and at the Herron School of Art. In 1914 at the age of 22 he purchased a 35 acre apple orchard just north of Nashville, In. running along what is now State Road 135. In the early years Dale devoted his time to the orchard to support his family, painting in the winter to earn extra income. However, later when his boys were old enough to help in the orchard Dale was able to paint year round. Dale was one of the exhibitors at the first Hoosier Salon in 1924. He helped organize the Brown County Art Gallery and served as secretary and treasure from 1926 to 1948 and president from 1934 to 1936.  The first oil painting titled "Blossom Trail" sold for $1,500 the bottom end of the estimated sale price of $1,500 to 3,000, it measured 17" x 20" and was signed lower right. A second oil painting measuring 17 x 20 signed lower left and titled "Evening In Spring" also reached $1,500 of the same auction estimate as the previous painting.

January 25, 2015 auction prices provided by Indiana Art Online

Genevieve Goth Graf, 11x14, O/B, SLR, Floral Still Life sold for $800
Frederick Polley, 25x30, O/C, SLR, "Hillside Pasture" sold for $400
E.R. Sitzman,14x20, WC, SLL, Lake Scene, sold for $100
Max Moran, Description: 18x24, O/C, SLR, Crown Plaza NY sold for $350
Dorothy Frantz: "Brown County Stream", 16x20, O/C, SLL sold for $175
J.F. Hubbard: "June Morning, Smokey Mountains", 20x24, O/C, SLL sold for $225

Jackson’s Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices November 23, 2014

Harry Davis 11-22-2014The top selling oil painting at the 2014 November art auction in Indianapolis was a 20x16 Oil painting from artist Harry Allen Davis (1914 – 2006) that reached a final bid of $7,000.  Harry earned a fine arts degree from the Herron School of art in 1938 and in the same year won the coveted Prix de Rome in painting. The scholarship allowed him to continue his studies at the American Academy in Rome and travel around Europe sketching and painting in order to refine his skills. In 1942 Harry enlisted in the Army designing camouflage in North Africa and later was assigned as a combat artist with the Fifth Army Historical Unit in Italy. After serving in Italy from 1944 to 1946, Harry returned to the US and taught at the Herron School of Art.  Teaching there until he retired in 1983. Two other Harry Davis paintings were offered to bidders including a 16x24 painting titled “Drilling Rig” which brought $1,100.  The other titled “In Dry Dock Gloucester”, 1949 was a Hoosier Salon Entry and measured 16x24 sold for  $1,000.

A nice Harbor scene by the Monon railroad worker Leroy (Roy) Trobaugh (1878 – 1955) measured 34 x 40, signed lower right  and exceeded the $1,500 - $4,000 estimate by reaching a final price of $4,750. Roy painted in his spare time and traveled on his free railroad pass to paint around the United States. He never considered himself a professional painter and only took a few classes when enrolled at the Art Students League (ASL) in 1902.  He left the ASL in 1902 returning to Dephi, Indiana where he spent the rest of his life as a Monon employee and artist. His work was accepted into the many regional exhibitions such as the Hoosier Salon and the Brown County Art Gallery.

With a large selection of paintings from Dutch born artist Derk Smit (1889 1985) , collectors were offered a variety of subjects available for purchase.  Born in the Netherlands, Derk and his family immigrated to the United States in 1914 settling in Chicago. Prior to signing up for the US Military during WWI, Derk studied at the Chicago Art Institute. Once the War was over he opened an interior decorating company and continued paint, making many trips to Indiana and the Brown County area. Derk was a member of the Chicago Painters and Sculptors Association, Brown County Art Gallery Association and the Indiana Artists Club. Derk moved to California in the mid 1950’s where he lived until his death in 1984.  Of the approximately 15 paintings by the artist the top seller was a 18x24, SLR  oil painting depicting a Southwestern village scene that reached a final bid of $800.  The second best seller was a 24x28 oil, signed lower right Coastal scene that reach $700.  At the lower end were a couple of small oil paintings, one 6x7 and a 6x8, selling for $75 each.

Indiana Art Values

November 23, 2014 auction values provided by Indiana Art Online

Arnold Turtle, 9.5x11.5, Mixed Media, SLL 1943, street scene sold for $1,000
Homer G. Davisson, 20x24, O/B, SLL, landscape sold for $1,500
Louise Woodroofe, 8x10, O/B  SLR, titled "The Market" sold for $800
Ruth Bahls, 28x24, O/B, SLR '36, City Scene sold for $700
George Baum, 20x24, O/C, SLR, Landscape sold for $200
Paul Raney, 24x30, O/B, SLR, Floral Still Life sold for $125

Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices September 7, 2014

The 2014 September 7th art auction at Jacksons auction gallery in Indianapolis Indiana provided an exceptional selection of art. Not only were there a number of well known artists represented, but a large number of pieces in every price range.

Ada Shulz PaintingAn outstanding painting by the sought after Ada Shulz, (1870 to 1928) was offered as the first lot of the auction. Ada Schulz was born in Terre Haute Indiana and graduated from shortridge high school in Indianapolis. She enter the Art Institute of Chicago in 1889 studying there for 4 years. She also expanded her artistic talent while studying in Paris at the Academie Witti when Ada and Adolph while there in 1894. Ada was well known for painting the people of Brown County. The painting offered at the auction depicting a woman sitting on a bed with what appears to be an Indian or Mexican style blanket was an excellent representation of her work. The 32 x 36 oil on canvas, signed in the lower right was estimated to sell for $50,000 to $100,000 with a final bid price of $55,000.

Very seldom do you see a William Merritt Chase (1849 to 1916) painting come up for auction in Indianapolis, In., but this was one of those rare occasions. William, born in Nineveh, Indiana became a highly recognized impressionist painter and teacher of his time. The portrait of a woman measured 23 x 19 and was signed in the upper left of the painting, reaching a final bid of $15,000.

Another artist that is rarely seen at auction is Frederick Ebbeson Grue who died at the age of 44 in 1994. Grue was a self taught artist and moved to Indiana in 1983. He was well known for his still life's reminiscent of the flemish masters. Offered for auction was an 8.5 x 11 oil on board landscape signed lower right '87 that went to the final bidder for $14,000.

William Snyder PaintingThere were two paintings available for purchase by the Civil War POW William McKendree Snyder (1849 to 1930).  Born in Liberty Indiana in 1949, William along with his minister father enlisted in the Union Army in 1861.  At only 12 years old William entered the army as a drummer boy but was captured and sent to the Andersonville prisoner of war camp. After the war, William studied with Cincinnati artist Inesco Williams. He moved to Madison Indiana and became well known for his Indiana landscapes and paintings of Indiana Beach trees. Heavily influenced by the Hudson River School, Snyder studied with artist Albert Bierstadt, George Inness and William Morris Hunt and and worked to achieve realism in his work. Measuring 28x40, the first and best painting of the two reached a final bid of $3,000. The second painting by William was also a landscape, measured 19 x 33 but had some condition issues and brought $1,000.

Gustave Baumann (1881 to 1971) began his career in the early 1900 in Nashville, later moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico to produce some of his best work. The well known woodblock artist  will have a dedicated gallery once the Brown County Art gallery in Nashville Indiana completes their "Expanding the Legend" fund drive to start the expansion of the gallery.  A nice representation of his work was offered to bidders with a final sale price of $6,000.

Indiana Art Values

September 7th, 2014 auction values provided by Indiana Art Online

George LaChance, 20x24, O/C, SLR, Landscape sold for $1,750
Adolph Shulz, 20x24, O/B, SLL, Landscape sold for $4,500
William Forsyth, 21x15 , WC, SLR '96, Landscape sold for $4,000
Dale Bessire, 24x30, O/C SLL, Landscape sold for $1,500
Glen Cooper Henshaw, 24x18, Pastel, SLR '14, Self Portrait sold for 1,050
Harold Hancock, 22x28, O/B, SLL, Landscape sold for $400
William Eyden Jr., 24x36, O/C, SLR, Landscape sold for $450

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