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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices November 7, 2010

William Forsythe "Munchen 87"An early Munich Village scene by Hoosier Group artist William J. Forsythe (1854 – 1935) was the highlight of the November 7, 2010 Jackson auction in Indianapolis Indiana.  William Forsythe entered the Munich Academy along with John Ottis Adams and Theodore Clement Steele in 1882.  Forsythe finished his studies in the spring of 1886 but stayed in Europe for another two years before returning home in September of 1882.  The painting was likely painted during this two year period as it was dated 1887.  The painting measured 20x14, SLL “Munchen  87” and reached a high bid of $17,000. 

Richard Gruelle (1851-1914), a member of the Hoosier Group, was also represented at the auction with a 16x24 O/C SLR seascape that brought $8,000. Attendance at the auction seemed to be lighter than normal with paintings selling below or at the low end of estimates. A good example was a nice 24x25 O/C SLL Claude Curry Bohm painting, titled “Late October” with a 1933 Hoosier Salon tag.  It was estimated between $3,000 and $6,000 reached a high bid of $3,500. A Curry Bohm 16x24, O/C, SLL, a rainy day street scene, was estimated at $4,000 to $8,000, but came in at a final bid of $4,000.

Well known Indiana portrait artist, Marie Goth (1887 – 1975), painted not only portraits of famous people in Indiana but was also known for her still life paintings of flowers grown on her property by her friend, V. J. Cariani.  A large 30x36 O/C SLR floral still life of lilacs painted by Marie went to the final bidder at $9,000.

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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices September 12, 2010

Beginning promptly at 1:00 ET the September 12, 2010 Jackson Indiana Art Auction began with five lots of paintings from well know Brown County Artist Claude Curry Bohm (1894 to 1971). Buyers and auction spectators were anxious to here the final hammer price of $29,000 for a very well composed scene of Nashville’s Main Street depicting Bohm’s studio and sign.  The painting measured 26x36, O/C and signed lower right.  Although known as mostly a Brown County, Indiana artist, Bohm did have other interests and frequently visited Glouchester, Massachusetts to paint the beauty of the eastern coast line.  A very good example of the work he created while on these trips, was up for bid for those interested in coastal scenes. The oil on canvas measured 25 x 28 and depicted a harbor town scene of what was most likely, Rocky Neck, in Gloucester, MA. As with most non-Indiana scenes painted by Bohm, the final price was not as high, but brought a respectable $5,000. A well executed misty harbor view, ship scene, painted by Bohm measured 30x36. It was oil on canvas and signed lower left, and reached a high bid of $7,000.

Two paintings from Carl Christopher Graff (1892 to 1947) were available for bidders to purchase. Carl, also known as “Shorty” due to his over 6 foot stature was a long time resident in Nashville, Indiana and was married to Genevieve Goth.  Although a resident of Nashville, Carl maintained a studio in the Bankers Trust Building in Indianapolis, In.  The first Graff painting was purchased for  $8,000 by the high bidder who took  home an oil on canvas measuring 23x30, SLL depicting a cellar house in the Nashville area.  The other painting by Carl sold for $4,500 and was very nice oil on canvas winter scene SLL and measured 28 x 36.

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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices May 23, 2010

The May 23rd, 2010 Jackson Indiana Art Auction started promptly at 1:00 ET with art from Indiana, Ohio, and an unusual concentration of European Art. The ever popular Claude Curry  Bohm (1894 – 1971)  was well represented at the auction with four oils and three watercolors.  Bohm who is known for his impressionistic snow scenes and usually command the highest prices was no exception at this auction.  A large 32x36, oil on canvas, signed lower right, depicting a winter scene with farm and corn shocks commanded a price of $10,000.  Not very many Curry Bohm watercolors have come up for sale at local Indiana auctions, but a nice 18.5x21 watercolor depicting a village snow scene was purchased for $5,000.  Other works of art offered at the auction by Bohm was a spring landscape titled “Spring Awaits”. Measuring 26x30 and signed lower right, the oil on canvas realizing a final bid of $7,000. A 25x28 oil on canvas titled “Lazy Morning” of a sailing ship at dock signed lower right was purchased by the bidder for $5000. Rounding out the selection of C. Curry Bohm paintings was a 24x30 O/C, SLL of crashing waves $900, 18x20 Watercolor, SLR of a winter scene was purchased for $1000 and the final 19.5x21 watercolor SLR came in at $750.

Brown County artist Marie Goth (1887 to 1975) was well known for her portraits and flowers. Still life paintings are a rare but welcome find at any Indiana auction. A well done oil on board still life titled “Roses in a Black Bowl” was the highlight of the Indiana art at the auction. The painting was a nice size of 18x20, signed lower right and was taken home by the highest bidder for $14,000.

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