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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices September 11, 2011

September 11th 2011 – One hundred and twenty paintings were available to the highest bidder at the Jackson’s art auction held in Indianapolis. The 10th anniversary of 9/11could have contributed to the much lower than normal attendance at the auction and what appeared to be slightly lower prices.

 The first painting of the auction was an unsigned Theodore Clement Steele (1847 to 1926), 28x36 o/c, of Shirley Steele at Fletcher mansion which resulted in a no sale.  There was not enough interest to reach the auction estimate of $20,000 to $40,000.    

Georges LaChance "Dip into Spring"

Two nice Georges (Jack) La Chance (1888 to 1964) paintings were offered to collectors interested in Brown County Artists.  Georges visited Brown County regularly in the 1920’s, moving there permanently around 1931 and lived there for 30 years until his death in 1964. The first painting offered up for auction was a very nice, 30x36 o/c SLL, and titled “Dip into Springtime” which brought a final price of $11,500, the low end of its estimate of $10,000 to $20,000. No matter the artist, harbor and ocean scenes do not seem to appeal to collectors of Indiana art. The 30x30 O/C SLL painting of Gloucester Harbor by LaChance brought $1750, well below the estimate.

A 36x40 O/C SLL painting by Richmond Group artist John Elwood Bundy (1853 – 1933) depicting a wooded hillside took a final bid of $7,000.  Auction house estimate was at $7,500 to $15,000.  An exceptional 16x20 o/b SLL painting byHallie Prow Bloomington Indiana artist Hallie P. Prow (1868 – 1945) was offered for sale. Hallie lived in Bloomington, In with her husband Dr. Prow and her children and did not start painting professionally until she was in her mid fifties. Her paintings do not come up for auction as often as other artists, which sparked a lot of interest by bidders. The lucky bidder took home the painting for $5,500 the mid-point for its $3,500 to $7,000 auction estimate.

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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices January 30, 2011

The first Jackson art auction of 2011 was held on Sunday January 31 at their auction facilities in Indianapolis, In.  Overall, the auction had a good turnout of patrons interested in Indiana Art with a fair number of phone bidders. Jackson offered for sale a total of 101 paintings available to all collectors with prices ranging from $14,000 down to $10.

Georges LaChanceThe top seller of the auction was a very nice 30x36 oil on canvas painted by Brown County artist Georges(Jack) LaChance (1/13/1888 – 06/23/1964).  Although George entered the St Louis Art School at the age of 21 he never finished and was primarily a self taught artist.  He had a photography studio for 9 years in Vincennes Indiana and visited Brown County throughout the 1920’s. He moved there permanently in 1931 and lived in Brown County for 30 years. The Painting was very well done, with bright colors and in good condition.  Bidding was strong with the final bidder taking home the painting for $14,000. 

A painting by Ada Shultz (10/21/1870 – 05/04/1928) the well know painter of children and everyday life in Brown County was sold for a final bid of $10,000. The oil on canvas measured 11x14, SLL and was titled “The Fallen Monarch”.  Ada was the first wife of Adolph Shultz whom she met during a sketching class in Delavan Wisconsin. Soon after marrying Adolph, they moved to Paris to study, then on to Munich to work out of their own studio. After moving to Brown County in 1914 Ada divorced Adolph in 1926.

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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices March 27th, 2011

The March 27th, 2011 auction in Indianapolis marked the 30th anniversary of Jackson selling art in Indiana. The first auction was held by Jackson in Anderson, Indiana, and he has been bringing quality Indiana art to collectors for the last 30 years. A large crowd was in attendance to view a nice selection of art for sale and join in the celebration with cake and other refreshments provided by Jackson.

Theodore Clement Steele - O'l Saint NickArt collectors were provided the opportunity to view a Theodore Clement Steele (1847 to 1926) painting titled “Ol’ Saint Nick that for many years hung in the Indianapolis Children’s museum. Dated 1870, the painting was an early work by Steele who was the most famous of the Hoosier Group and Brown County artists. Estimated to sell between $50,000 and $100,000, Steele’s oil on canvas portrait depicting Ol’ St Nick measured 27x20, signed verso and was first on the auction block, reaching a final bid of $75,000.

Four other Hoosier group artists were represented at the auction, a 24x30, oil on board, signed lower right and a Hoosier salon entry by artist William Forsythe (1854 to 1935). The painting was titled “By the Side of the Road”, and was the last Hoosier Salon entry by the well known artist. The painting brought strong participation by bidders with the final selling price at $24,000. An oil on canvas winter landscape by artist John Ottis Adams (1851 to 1927) who painted with T.C Steele at the Hermitage in Brookville, In, sold for $16,000. The painting measured 16x22 and was signed lower left but did not reach the auction estimate of $20,000 to $30,000. A lucky bidder took home a very nice and possibly under priced Richard Buckner Gruelle (1851 to 1914) watercolor for $1,200. A serene landscape of a sunrise over a lake measured 10x14 and was signed lower right. The final Hoosier Group painter was Otto Stark (1859 to 1926). Stark opened a studio in Indianapolis in 1894 and taught at Manual High School and at the Herron School of Art from 1905 to 1919. The 8x3.5 Gouache depicting a little girl with a rabbit brought $250.

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